sidewaysvisions: hey man, i've enjoyed your blog for quite some time now, i've been strongly thinking about getting an AE86. Could you make an honest pros and cons list, in your opinion, about owning and driving an 86, thanks.

Hey man, thanks for being a long time follower, if I’m not following you, I’ll have to follow ya back.

I’m answering publicly in case anybody else wants another’s opinion on the 86.

So the first thing I can honestly say is that owning and daily driving an ae86 has by far been the best experience, in my opinion.

Pros (in my opinion):
Amazing handling even with factory/worn parts
Very economical, as long as you don’t beat on it every chance you get, parts will last.
Even with abuse, the car has superb longevity.
Quite a bit of aftermarket support, especially with the dohc 4age engine.
The car can be a beast with little investment.
The old school cool factor is a huge plus for me.
I have a child and have been hauling him around for the past 3 years comfortably.
The hatchback has plenty of space, I’ve moved out twice and I’ve never had to make a second trip (just a room, not a house)
The car is very simple to work on and not very expensive.
The response to pedal and steering inputs, even with worn parts, is exceptional.

Cons (in my opinion):
Let me start by saying this car with factory specs is NOT a powerhouse. Don’t expect to go fast in this car without forced induction or motor swap (4age maxes out at about 230hp)
The Sohc motor (like mine) is even slower putting out about half as much hp with about half the potential(doesn’t really bother me much)
Certain parts are becoming scarce/discontinued so if you can, fix your existing parts before just throwing them away.
Backseat does not have much room for adults, but I’m 6’2” and I can manage back there.
A lot of sellers can be shady, just pay close attention for any unexplained frame damage/rust.

Tbh I don’t have very many cons, as this car pleases me to no end, even with the slow Sohc engine. She’s been amazingly reliable these past 6 years and 80k miles under my ownership.

Just make sure you take car of her and always keep up on the maintenance.

You take care of her, she’ll take care of you.

Hope I helped a bit, if you, or anyone has questions feel free to send me an ask.

Good luck ^_^