Sexy HQ
Photo by me:.
Sexy Individuals™

The one person that I want in my life, doesn’t believe that I want them there.

This hurts :’(


I feel like she’s mine.

I haven’t asked her yet.

But I feel.

I have mad respect for RWB and Liberty Walk.

Rwb easily pulls me in because of my love for the Porsche 911.

But they both live by my favorite rules; wide, low, and (at least in rwb’s case) functional.

Nothing like a big ole bitch just wide af resting on some nice meaty tires, read for some asphalt-shattering cornering force.

Fuck man, I’m tryna finish this car.

I have to poop, but I just poured a bowl of cereal, and I’d like to enjoy this pre-poop sesh.

Touge run successful.

I feel really good right now

Still got you bby ♥

Photo by me:.


I’m through dealing with that.

I just want my babe :/

Dude, srsly, why the fuck I always get treated like shit for no reason.

Rly getting old, fast.